Stories and Illustrations

Legends, folklore, fairy tales and creation myths; if I’ve read one I’ve read hundreds, travelled the world in stories, fables, and ancient philosophies spiralling out since the dawn of man.

I find them captivating, and I know I’m not alone. Perhaps because they excite the long repressed part of our brain that has yet to be quashed by rational thought. The part that never ceases to wonder what might be lurking in dark corners, or deep in the woods, or just beyond first-sight. The part that honestly believes in elves and brownies, swan maidens, talking animals, magical amulets and the things that go bump in the night. These stories speak to the child within us all that never really grows up.

So, feeling inspired by this everyday magic, I started to write my own. I hope to share parts of them – and the characters they’re inhabited by – here with you.


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