About Me

IMG_2980 watermarkI love nothing better than to wander the woods at sunset, chortling to myself all the while, collecting magpie-treasures – stray feathers and stones – so that when I get home I can bring the outdoors in with me. My life is a strange little nest of leaves and bones, a true Aladdin’s cave of pilfered nature and earthy curiosities, ridiculous hats and red wellington boots.

With the natural world as my inspiration I like to write stories, and poems, and daft little rhymes. Some of them singsong, some of them scary, all of them marbled with daydreams and nightmares, sunshine and shade. These often become the starting point for the artwork I make: a kind of collage of recycled materials, leaf litter, and rubbish layered together and stitched into creation with deft sewist’s fingers.

My dream is to live in a tree-house, my life a running-repair. To be rocked to sleep every night in the great, strong branches of some ancient tree, and rest in the knowledge that the very foundations of my house are alive.

But most of all I just want to share my world with the people I meet along the way, to show you a slice of my personal universe, and perhaps get a glimpse of yours. So come, stay a while, and let me paint you a story with words, or craft you a picture from garbage. You never know, we might both find missing pieces of ourselves in the other that we never even knew existed…

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