A commission…or quit horsing around and paint the sodding horses already!

I was recently asked to paint this pair of beautiful horses – a portrait that would end up being a gift for their owner.
Horses make gorgeous muses; they have wonderful expressions and the way shadows carve out beneath their muscles makes their bodies almost fluid. That and the fact they’re not really hairy. Hair is a bugger to paint.
Now, I could harp on about the way they tilt their heads, hold themselves with innate poise, and have eyes that are almost human…or I could stop being such a pretentious art-nerd and reminisce about the fact that they almost didn’t get painted at all.
Because, dear reader, somewhere in my confusing mind full of alternate realities and wilderness-rambling monsters this portrait came to symbolise the departure of a very good friend who has gone to live 9000 miles away. She’s roughing it barefoot, naked, running free with the horses in the wilds of a foreign land.
At least that’s what I’m telling you she’s doing. If you ever come across this part of the internet, Julia, I’m not even sorry ❤


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