Progression of a portrait: step by step

It never stops surprising me how portraits begin from a simple outline and end all filled with colour. I know that’s sort of the point, but regardless…

Whenever I start a painting I look at that crappy outline and sigh as doubts start eating at my brain – because with art you gotta have vision, or you’ll never get past that first step. But it’s hard to see the potential in a vague, wobbly shape lacking any definition (especially if you’re painting a child! Do they even have features?! They’re like small, pudgy, pink worms!)

So this step by step is to prove to myself that with patience and effort that outline can become a portrait, you just gotta believe dude…

‘Where’s the first image!?’ you cry. Erm, I didn’t photograph the outline, or 2 hours painting, because I wasn’t at all convinced he would look like any kind of human being then. But he’s looking way more human by the end…


11 hours painting

This one’s obviously a scan of the painting, rather than another appallingly lit photo. The interpretive-knitting-painting really makes this – lets face it, it’d be naff without the knitting! 

I hope his mum likes her Christmas present (but not as much as I hope she doesn’t know I have a blog!) 


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