Cultivating calmness with crochet

IMG_3670 watermark

I’ve got all sorts of projects on the go at the moment, one of which is a large recycled piece involving my brain! But when I caught myself saying ‘I want it all done yesterday’ it made me stop and think.

Just recently I’ve been so fixated on the idea of ‘getting somewhere’ that I’ve completely forgotten what life is (if you’re weirdly philosophical and existential you’ll understand!) Because existence might be marked by milestones and those big achievements we’ll always remember, but what life really is is all the time in-between.

It’s listening to rain on the window panes, baking people cakes just because, the smell of the seasons changing and writing notes for the people you love in the condensation on the mirror after a shower. It’s being happy with everyday, and recognising the marvels in the mundane.

I’m not, by nature, a very calm human being, and the thought that I’m rushing about having completely lost sight of myself concerned me. I decided I needed to re-learn to be patient with myself, and I’m trying to do this with crochet and hand embroidery.

IMG_3669 watermark

There’s something about starting with a ball of wool or a needle and thread, and ending with something beautiful that does me worlds of good. I just feel better – and now I have a snazzy quilt!

I’m hoping to continue to crochet myself to a more peaceful state of mind – and a whole bunch more woollen wonders! I encourage everyone to pick up a crochet hook; it’s way better than incense, cheaper than yoga, doesn’t take up much room, and might just help you find the inner space to be truly chill.

Peace out. 


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